Monday, June 29, 2015

New outlines on the Winslow skyline are the shape of progress at Grow Community

Construction on Grow Community’s new phase, the Grove, is moving onward – and upward. The Salal building’s third floor has taken shape, with roof work starting very soon. Next door at the Elan, the second floor is under way.

Concrete work continues elsewhere on the site, the Juniper building is all but complete while the walls, footings and pouring of the Woodland Homes and Tsuga are now well underway.

 With the hot, dry weather of summer upon us, our crews are watering down the site periodically to minimize dust – definitely a challenge, so we ask residents’ and neighbors’ forbearance.

For all the activity around the site, our crews are running up an impressive safety record – 15,000 hours (and counting) without an injury.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Purdy Fun Climbing & the Warehouse Rock Gym Unite & Collaborate on New South Sound Indoor Climbing Facility

NEWS RELEASE - For Immediate Distribution

Purdy Fun Climbing
Warehouse Rock Gym

OLYMPIA, WA, (May 5, 2015) – Karma prevailed as Purdy Fun Climbing and the
Warehouse Rock gym have elected to merge the two companies, capitalizing on the
strengths of each to build a new facility for current and future members. The New
facility, with climbing walls designed and built by Vertical World’s Elevate Climbing of
Seattle, is set to open this fall.

For nearly four years, Mike Boyer, founder and president of the Purdy Fun Climbing
Corporation, has been planning to build a state of the art, indoor climbing facility in the
South Sound. Years of research on the industry, best practices, and the latest design
trends will allow Boyer to break ground on the new facility this spring.

For more than ten years, The Warehouse Rock Gym, LLC, provided indoor climbing
opportunities for South Sound enthusiasts, and built up a climbing community at its
facility in downtown Olympia. Being so successful, the overcrowded gym vitally needed
to expand.

Then karma prevailed as the two companies realized something significant.

Collaboration is better than competition. Electing to merge and unite, the two
companies will capitalize on the strengths of each other to build a new facility for current
and future members.

This new facility will be three times larger, with double the height climbing walls, a
dedicated bouldering area, and ample parking, and will be built in a brand new building
designed just to house the Warehouse Rock Gym. PHC Construction of Bainbridge
Island will build the facility. Vertical World’s Elevate Climbing of Seattle will design and
build the climbing walls. So the new gym will have a Vertical World look to it.
Opening FALL 2015, the new facility will be located in the Hogum Bay Business Park in Hawk’s Prairie.

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