Monday, October 28, 2013

Grow Community October 2013 Newsletter

First Neighborhood Sold Out!
Residents Moving In.

Ok, its official.  We are excited to announce the single family homes in the first 3-acre neighborhood at Grow Community are sold out.  Eight families have now moved into their homes and more are soon to come.  By February the neighborhood should be full and construction almost complete.

Rentals Still Available.
We will be starting construction very soon on the Cooper rentals.  While many rentals have already been reserved, some are still available. Click here for more information or contact our sales office
if you are interested in renting in our Zero Carbon community.  Click here to download our flier.

What's Coming Next?
We are finalizing the schematic design for the next two neighborhoods in Grow Community.  This next stage of the project will complete the One Planet project, with a trail system leading directly into town and a beautiful community building for all residents to use.  The redesign has been driven by a focus on intergenerational community and designing for accessibility.  Stay tuned for a release of the design concept next month - we think it's pretty awesome!

Grow Solar
This month A&R Solar is installing solar arrays on more homes at Grow.  Our community is on its way to being the largest solar neighborhood in Washington State, proving that solar really does work in our cloudy state!
As a One Planet Community, Grow is intended to achieve Net Zero Carbon from buildings by 2020.  We have been monitoring one of the occupied homes in the community since January of this year and it looks like the numbers are coming out positive - the solar is providing more than enough energy to power the house over the year!  This not only reduces the owners' carbon footprint, it also saves them a whole lot in power bills. 

Here are a few reasons why you might also want to consider solar for your home:
  • Receive Washington State renewable energy incentives
  • Get a 30% federal tax credit
  • Reduce your electric bills forever
  • Support your local economy 
  • Increase your homes resale value
  • Reduce your carbon footprint